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orlando commercial pool filter repair
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Filter Redeux!orlando Pool Plumbing Renovation

To respect clients privacy, no proper names are ever used in any of our promotional or instructional literature.

This job involved a Disney area motel that wanted to add four buildings to an existing complex. The first problem was that the existing Vacuum DE filter module was sitting in the middle of a proposed banquet room. Also, the new filter system would be moved an additional 120' away from the old filter area.

Oh, and because the motel is fully booked and has a 100% satisfaction policy, the work will have to be done without a single guest being inconvenienced by, or even aware of, the change-over.

A four hour window would be provided to disconnect the old systems, switch over all three pools to their new filtering systems and get them all up and running well enough to satisfy an attending county health inspector.

The original filtering equipment can just be seen pumping away in the background center (above, right).

Pool Plumbing RenovationBecause the additional 120 feet of gravity feed produces too much friction (even in the existing 6" main drain and gutter lines), it was determined that a modular separation tank was be installed for each of the three pools. A Pressure Sand filter sytem should provide enough 'pull' to maintain proper flow rates.

(left) The new equipment pad is assembled and the main pool equipped with twin 36" Astral Hi-Rate Sand Filters coupled with a pair of 3 HP High-head self-priming pumps.

The kiddie pool and spa each receive 30" Astral Hi-Rate Sand filters and 1.5 HP Hi-Rate self-priming pumps. Organized in a straight line, suction lines are all 6", pressure lines vary from 4' to 2.5"

Separation tanks are installed next to a proposed walkway in front of the original equipment site.

All connecting plumbing between tanks and equipment was installed and, because other trades and truck traffic were using the same area, all pipes had to be immediately covered with soil and compacted.

Pool Plumbing Renovation Expansion plugs were installed in all pipes and 30 psi water pressure was injected into each line between the new equipment pad and the plumbing intersection, 120 feet away.

At 4 AM, the old system was turned off, the pool side main drain, return and vacuum ports were plugged, the kiddie pool and spa were drained into the main pool and the water level in the pool was dropped enough to safely drain and cut the pool gutter line.

The old VakPak was disconnected, all suction-side pipes connected to the separation tanks and pressure lines attached to their new counterparts.

(right) All plugs were pulled from the separation tanks and water flowed back to the new equipment. It's February in Florida and early morning temperatures plummeted into the mid 50's. BRRRRR!

The new pumps were fired up and after a few desperate tweak adjustments to the chlorinators and heaters, everything worked well enough that the pool area was approved to open at the designated time.

(below) Strolling by on your way to the ice machine, you'd never suspect the work or piping involved at this plumbing intersection.Pool Plumbing Renovation

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