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pool repair cracks
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pool repair cracks
pool repair cracks

Hidden in Plain Sightpool repair cracks

When you can't hide a problem, Highlight It!

Popping a pool raises the question of whether it's time to repair, destroy or replace. The question gets only more complicated when that popped pool also has a fresh, new crack running right across the middle of it.

Cracks are common in a popped pool but how, and even if, they can be repaired depends on whether they're structural or cosmetic (they do or they do not leak) and most importantly, their location.

pool repair cracks This structural crack runs across the 'break' of the pool, where the shallow end begins its descent to the 8' deep end.

The good news is it's a fairly straight and consistently wide crack. The bad news is vertical portions of the crack are seen to expand and contract with the ebb and flow of the water table. It's obvious that no 'hard repair' of this crack could be successful.

The crack is cut to a consistent depth and width with a hand held concrete saw fitted with a 10" diamond blade. A 1/2" hole is drilled every four inches along the vertical portions of the crack. The entire cut is then power washed, acid washed, rinsed and allowed to dry. 3M 5200 Marine Sealant is injected into the crack in three applications. The final layer utilizes the new 3M fast cure Marine Sealant to reduce seepage.

2"X 6" tile is applied to both sides of the crack with thin-set cement to prevent tile movement. The middle grout joint between the tile lines is filled with flexible sealant to focus any movement here.

pool crack repairThe job was made more interesting by two passing tropical storms and the resulting rise and fall of the water table. A delicate balance had to be achieved to prevent further rising or any possible settling of an empty pool.

When the pool was filled, the weight of 22,000 gallons of water caused settlement of about 1/4" at the deep end, roughly two degrees of flexation; well within the parameters of this repair.

An ugly, leaking structural crack has been transformed into a water tight, decorative tile line expansion joint.

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