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pool pump expense
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pool motor cost
pool expense
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This estimate is based on 10¢ per kilowatt hour for a typical pump in good condition. No matter what your bill states as the hourly fee, add the county and city taxes, the service fee and any political kickback fees incidental to your bill, divide by the number of hours for which you're being billed and you'll probably find this is more than just a nice, round number.

Size Hour Day Week Month Year
1/2 HP $.05 $1.20 $8.40 $33.60 $403.20
3/4 HP $.075 $1.80 $12.60 $50.40 $604.80
1.0 HP $.10 $2.40 $16.80 67.20 $806.40
1.5 HP $.15 $3.60 $25.20 $100.80 $1209.60
2.0 HP $.20 $4.80 $33.60 $134.40 $1612.80
2.5 HP $.25 $6.00 $42.00 $168.00 $2016.00
3.0 HP $.30 $7.20 $50.40 $201.60 $2419.20
5.0 HP $.50 $12.00 $84.00 $336.00 $4032.00
7.5 HP $.75 $18.00 $126.00 $504.00 $6048.00

And these figures assume the pump is in good condition; the bearings aren't running 'hot', the impeller turns freely and the shaft isn't binding. A screeching pump can double the expense (bearing and impeller replacement; motor and pump repair are covered elsewhere in the book).

Shocked by the numbers? Before you start ripping out your equipment, understand that these are the rates for commercial pool pumps operating 24 hours a day. Your costs are undoubtedly much less and can be figured by multiplying by the hourly rate or, if your motor runs a typical 8 hour day, dividing the Day, Week, Month and Year figures by 3.

And if this isn't a particularly happy experience for you, take a look at the Contractors Corner for a novel approach to reducing your pool pump operating costs.

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