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Creating a Beach Pool

Changing the character of a residential pool is a remodeling project limited only by your budget and imagination.

This 30 year old pool has a circumference of over 112 feet and a deep end of 9 feet. "They don't build'em like this anymore" and the owner concedes it's more pool than they really need.

pool remodeling

It was time to replace sharp- edged coping brick, broken in- wall steps and a cracked skimmer. The home owner wanted to take advantage of a large and mostly unused shallow end.

Demolition included removing all coping brick and the old skimmer. Because the original tile was still in good shape (no horizontal cracking and very few loose tiles), a layer of acrylic cement and bonding agent allowed a tile-over.

Half inch holes were drilled into the shell floor and walls every foot, in a line just three inches inside the proposed edge of the beach layout.

swimming pool  repairThe original top step which sat 4" under the surface was established as finished beach depth.

A wall return pipe was extended and elbowed up to a commercial floor return to give the beach an adjustable water flow. A capped 3' section of 1.5" pipe was pressed vertically into wet gunite for an umbrella stand.

Plastic sheeting was draped between pool and house to prevent cement over- spray.

Gunite was chosen over pumped concrete to eliminate the need for forms to support the beach structure and two 'outie' steps (visible in the photo, left).

A blue dyed, medium aggregate plaster finishes the job.

swimming pool  repairTile accents mark the beach and step edges.

Who needs a hot, rip-tide, sticky beach or a 'tourist toilet' water park when you have a clean, fresh water resort right in your own backyard ?

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