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Great American Pools has been a learning experience since 1976. Our services include Commercial & Municipal Pool Renovation, Releveling 'Popped' Pools, Leak Repair and repairing Leak Damage done under pool and deck.

Old pools made new again.

Better, actually.

We've survived four recessions, eleven presidents and two full-dress IRS audits. We've also built or repaired over 1800 Commercial and 700 residential pools and haven't been sued or had to go to court once.

That said, we've made our share of mistakes.

But we've always gone back, made them right and gotten some great orlando pool repair servicephotos in the process.

We Warranty all our Work, including Leak Repair, for a minimum Five Years.

No Legitimate Commercial or Residential Pool Repair Company in the Western Hemisphere Has Ever Surpassed Our Warranty.

And that is a real point of pride, for us.

Grant handles Sales, Proposals & Customer Relations

and the occasional bright idea.

Jack is our Safety Officer and handles OSHA compliance

We've had one job-related injury in 32 years (knock on wood) that required a band-aid.

Guess who.

Ann is the Comptroller

Dealt with the IRS long before they became the "fuzzy wuzzy" organization they are today.

Gunter arranges Island work visas and material import documentation.

"Who needs Magic tickets..... How about a photo-op with Raul Castro?"

Joyce handles Scheduling

""They promised it done by when, exactly?""

Scott handles The Rest

Somebody's got to do the grunt work around here.

All other questions or comments can be sent directly to Scott:


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PO Box 608501
Orlando, FL 32806-8501
(407) 644-6117

Great American Pools is Certified for Commercial & Residential Pool Construction, Renovation & Repair throughout Florida, all North American States and Caribbean Nations in Reciprocal Licensure Agreement:

State Certified Commercial Pool Contractor CPC#041373

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