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Tip #18:Spa Venturis

spa repairYou can't compress water, but you can compress water flow. When you push water through a pipe and then reduce the size of that pipe, the flow dramatically speeds up. Place the end of that smaller pipe into a larger one and the rush of water creates a vacuum.

Confusing? Just watch a venturi work.

Filtered water is piped up to and through the back of this pool wall.

(right) This 50's Tropicana pool features an antique brass venturi that sits inside the pool. Water flow is compressed with a nozzle just as it enters its mixing chamber, creating a vacuum.

A 1/2" PVC snorkel pipe (thr original was copper tubing) stands just above water level and feeds air into the mixing chamber.

Note the ceramic handhold plastered into the wall to the left of the venturi fitting. This fitting dramatizes the rush of water and air and illustrates a contractors high hopes for this 'new-fangled' pool experience.turbo fitting

(left) Filtered water is forced through a nozzle into the turbo mixing chamber, creating a slight vacuum. There is just enough suction to pull air in from above. Air and water mix in the chamber and this turbulence is forced out into the spa.

Fit a blower to the air line and you greatly increase the bubbler effect.

spa repair So, what happens when you have an air blower and the turbo pump quits pushing water through the venturi as in this commercial spa?

Without water flow to push air out of the venturi, air simply boils up along the spa wall, tossing water out onto the deck.

See the Excerpt on Balancing a Spa System from our Pool School PRO CD.


Tip #19: Cleaning up Pool Fittings

pool repairs

Sunlight and chemicals take their toll on plastic pool fittings. This main drain cover has yellowed badly in a brief two years.

In this new business environment, it's vital to do everything you economically can to offer extra value to your customers.

Anytime you work on a pool, it's easy to brighten up the job by simply soaking all the plastic fittings you can reach in a little muriatic acid.

In less than a minute, this fitting looks like new.

For a moment of your time, you can leave a positive, lasting impression.

Note: PVC pipe cleaner (Acetone) melts Cycolac plastic and should never be used to clean pool fittings.

Neat ideas? Our Pool School PRO CD has hundreds more to save you time, money and aggravation.

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