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Tip #31: Green Pool ?What Not to do First green pool

I'm a minimilist when it comes to chlorine. I respect the stuff for what it can do, I just don't want to use any more than I have to.

Every healthy pool turns green once in awhile.

Whether it's a rainstorm that knocks all the chlorine out of the pool or a teenage party where everyone's too busy to step into the restroom, your pool will eventually turn a light green.

So, what to do when you're confronted with an algae bloom? The first thing you don't want to do is panic.

A pool exhibiting a little algae is actually healthier to swim in than a completely 'white' pool. When I did leaks and was jumping into as many as 15 pools a day, I was relieved to see a little algae. I knew then that the water was 'safe'. When I saw no life at all was when I knew I'd have to rinse my wetsuit or the excessive chlorine level would destroy it.

First, sweep the pool. This stirs most algae spores into solution where the filter will pick them up.

Give the filter a few hours run time and you'll be able to rinse the algae out of the filter. Note, living algae makes excellent lawn fertilizer.

After the algae has been removed, then chlorine shock the pool with liquid chlorine. You'll need far less juice to turn the water blue, and the less chlorine you use makes it safer for everyone enjoying your pool.

If green becomes a persistent problem, take a look at our take on cleaning filters and add one of the 'Yellow Out' (Bromine) additives to your shock treatment. Avoid any algaecide containing Copper in a plaster pool unless you prefer a blotchy blue finish.

Tip #32:Solar Mat Leak Repair

 longwood pool repair serviceA Florida rooftop is about as rough as a working environment can get. Between the wind, rain and UV assault, it's amazing solar collectors last as long as they do .

But eventually a solar mat will leak. A constant drip in your gutter downspout and the amazing little rainbow that appears over your home every day are dead give-aways.

So, you know you have a leak. How do you repair it?

I, personally, don't care much for heights. I prefer swimming pools because everything is 'down'. But once you're on the roof, everything is 'down' again, so it's all good.

 longwood pool repair serviceTurn the pump 'ON' to locate the problem(s) and then turn the solar diverter valve 'OFF'.

If water keeps dripping, you may have to turn the pump 'OFF' and open either the bleeder valve on the filter or remove the clear cover on the pump to relieve any pressure in the solar system. The mat will dry in minutes.

Solar systems like this Fafco mat are basically multiple round channels that allow water to dawdle in the sun long enough to warm a little.

When a channel breaks, you've got a leak. Cut the split ends of the channel clean with a knife or razor blade. Coat two # 6 wood or metal screws in a good marine sealant like 3M-5200 Marine Sealant (available any marina, boat store or Florida Home Depot) and screw them into the tubing in both directions. Allow 24 hours for the sealant to cure and the repair should last for years.

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