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Fired for Not Doing Your Job? Make Sure No One Else Can Do It Either!

Jen was dissatisfied with her weekly pool service. The water was cloudy, steps were slippery with yellow algae and the only reliable service they provided was mailing a monthly bill. It was time to find a new service.

On their first day, the new service called Jen at work and told her they couldn't prime the pump.

A repairman inspected the impeller, cleaned the cartridge filter and checked the main drain and skimmer piping and valve for clogs. Everything looked fine, the system simply wouldn't pump water.

dirty tricksWith the pump running, we noticed the air relief valve on top of the canister hissed constantly, so the impeller was doing its job. Air was somehow flooding into the system. We turned the pump 'off' and plugged the return, skimmer and main drain lines and pressurized the system with water through a hose bibb on the cartridge filter canister.

Wet spots appeared at the base of the both the main drain and skimmer lines, where they rise from the ground to enter the pump. Moving away a little debris reveals PVC grit on the ground under two new saw cuts. Someone had nicked both pipes just enough to prevent the pump from priming.

We finished the cuts, shortened both pipes half an inch and rejoined them with 1.5" slip/slip couplers. The pump then worked as it should but nothing could be proven about who'd committed this dirty deed.

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