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Eliminate the Competition With a Green Pool!

No Apartment or Motel Manager ever really wanted a swimming pool on their property. A commercial pool is a financial and legal liability, expensive to maintain and just a general pain they would gladly do without. But, the apartment complex or motel down the street has a pool and for no other reason, they need one too.

Having a community pool also draws the interest of a local Health Department. Rarely a month will go by that an inspector doesn't appear, testing the water, inspecting the filter and safety equipment, jiggling the handrails and ladder to make sure they remain tight. And a disgruntled or concerned renter or condo owner can get an inspector poolside any time they desire with a simple phone call. You keep a pool clean and clear or you get rid of the pool. There is no middle ground.

The last thing any manager wants or needs is grief about the swimming pool.

So, they send their maintenance crew to class or hire a pool service to take care of the pool. And, so long as the pool is blue and clear and no one complains to the Health Department, everything is copacetic.

One young, up-start pool company in Orlando (still in business and so, shall remain nameless, but you know who you are) that decided to make the leap from residential to commmercial pool service.

dragnetTo jump start their venture they decided it would be adventageous to concentrate in one particular part of the city and aggressively marketed their services in this area. Low pricing, promises of more punctual service had minimal effect because most managers were reasonably satisfied with their present service.

To them, the solution was then clear: To take over the area, these managers would have to become very unhappy with their pool services.

And, the solution to that problem was simple. Possibly posing as tourists in bathing suits and toting bottles of suntan oil or maintenance men with clipboards and water bottles, approximately a pint of liquid plant fertilizer found its way into more than 40 commercial pools in the International Boulevard tourist area. The attack was, I imagine, more successful than they could have hoped. Within two days a green plague had struck South Orlando.

Because it affected so many tourist motels, there was mention on the late news and the Orange County Health Department became involved. With their reputation on the line, one of the larger services did extensive water testing which showed an elevated levels of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium consistant in all affected pools. Liquid plant fertilizer was named the likely culprit .

Only rumor from disgruntled employees ever hinted at the rascals but this dirty trick remains common among the residential service companies today.

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