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Who's a Renter Gonna Complain To?

A pool service route business is typically a juggling act. You try to add new customers faster than the old ones fall away.

One friend who owns a route company was complaining about how tough it was to break into the rental homes w/pool service market. 'I know my prices are competitive and I've seen some of the pools and they usually look pretty crappy'.

'Have you talked to the Realty agents? What do they say' I asked.

'They say they're satisfied with the service. No need to change. They wouldn't tell me what they were paying.'

'Talk to the renters, then. They're the ones living with the pool.'

He had to knock on a few doors at odd hours and on the weekend but he found one interesting fact: One renter had been told by a chatty service person that they paid the real estate agent a monthly fee for an exclusive on all his properties.

With a reduced profit margin the serviceperson explained, they couldn't spend a lot of time at a rental house pool and if the renter wanted the water blue 'all the time' the renter would have to add their own chlorine.

But who are they going to complain to?

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