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Insure A Steady Workload... the Dirty Way !

We once had a pool repairman everyone called the 'Motor Man'. He was, in every measure, the most prolific and adept pool pump motor replacer in Central Florida and we both worked the same service companies.

No matter what the installation, he always had every part he needed on his truck.

No one could compete with the MotorMan. He knew more about motors than anyone else and did much of his initial work for a $25 service call. A clogged impeller? An Odd noise? No problem. Call the MotorMan and he'd fix it up and leave a sticky label on the timer box.

And, soon there would be another motor problem. A serious problem.

"Yep, you need a new motor, the old ones all burned up. Got one in the truck... want I should put it on? "

It was like he was psychic. Always in the right place with the right parts. His talents were clearly wasted limiting them to the pool business. And, it was never long after his first visit to a sick motor that he was back again to replace a dead motor. What a happy coincidence!.

We were on a leak repair and there was something odd about the motor. The customer knew nothing about it except that the MotorMan had recently repaired the motor and we left it alone.

A week or two later we ran into the same thing. Again, there was something odd about the motor. Again the MotorMan had been there for a repair.

What we'd found were strips of duct tape on the motor covering the air vents. What was this ? And Why?

At a third pool, the homeowner had a pool leak and a dead motor at the same time. The motor was shrouded in duct tape and the MotorMan was due any moment.

So why the duct tape? I asked the MotorMan. "Keeps the ants out" was the answer. Didn't make sense. I'd seen buggy motors, but none lately.

A motor shop owner offered a different opinion. Why would someone seal off the air vents on a perfectly good motor? You can't seal off the air vents, it'd over-heat the motor. Stop air from getting to the cooling fins and the motor's got a month, maybe two before it boils away the bearing grease.

The MotorMan retired some years later and I never ran into another taped- up motor.

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