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There is some pool information that just doesn't fit anywhere else. Some of it we don't have room for at all, some of it is just different. In this section of Pool School we are your guides. You can find links to other pool related sites (below). We can also provide you with a list of recommended products as well as a registry of reliable Orlando Area pool services.


Well over ninety percent of the swimming pool surfaces, equipment, and treatments ever offered to pool owners are no longer available because they simply didn't work.

Following is a partial list of 'good & bad idea' products discussed in Pool School, as well as links to other sources of information. Some of the products listed here are good and will perform pretty much the way the manufacturers say they will. Several of the items are a waste of money. What can we recommend and what do we feel is headed for the scrap heap? Buy Pool School to find out.....but for now, we'll let them speak for themselves.

Other manufacturers are invited to submit their web pages for review and linking, we will pass along our honest opinion. Just contact Elizabeth at site_maintenance@poolrepair.com. We try to update this list as circumstances change, so please alert us when you find one of these links has gone MIA.

Outstanding Pool Sites

Pool Surfaces

Deck Surfaces

Rubberized Decks

Raised Decks

Water Treatment

Solar Heat

Heat Pumps

Stain Removing Chemicals

Pool Safety

Pool Fittings, Pipe and Valves

Pool Pumps

Pool Cleaners

Pool Tile

Fiber Optic Lighting

Other Related Sites

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