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"I can't find reliable help in Florida, nobody cares about the job they do."

That's the comment we hear most often on our Help Page. And it's not just the pool business; shoddy workmanship and indifferent attitudes seem rampant in every field. In truth, it's probably no worse here than your own hometown. Good people are here; you just have to know where to find them.

This is our registry of recommended contractors. They can't buy the space; we don't charge for the listing; there are no dues, no alphabet 'phone tricks. They're listed by category, in no particular order, in equal amounts of space.

Our registry page is far from complete....if you don't happen to find a company that offers the services you require, we welcome you to check back with us later as our registry grows....

These are the contractors we feel comfortable recommending to a friend or neighbor.

There are some young faces here and we think they show promise. There are some old faces here too, but we think they still show life. If you take any of my recommendations and have the even slightest problem, I'll gladly look into it, myself.


Harriss Pools, Inc.
Apopka, Fl (886-6900)
Contact: Bob Harriss

I first met Bob when he was building a pool service business twenty-some years ago. Now he's building high-end builder models; delivers well-designed, well-backed, award winning pools, a dozen at a time. Has a flair for the "bells and whistles"; if it's new or different, Bob will try it.

(Scott's Note: Tragically, Bob's life ended in 2007. He will be missed by everyone that knew him and as long as his loyal employees keep the company going, I don't have the heart to remove his name.)

Florida Pools
Casselberry (696- 2300)
Contact: Kim Costello

One of Orlando's first pool builders, I haven't had any personal contact with the company since Dave Mason retired, but I've seen their work and am glad to say they're still one of the best; Building consistent, first-class, custom pools.

Signature Pools
Hunter's Creek (859- 9035)
Contact: Mike Malagian

Crews are skilled, loyal and well- managed. Builds custom pools, one of the best in Orlando. In seven years, have yet to meet a customer or employee who wasn't enthusiastic about Mike's work. Very rare.

Alan Green Pool & Spas
Clermont ((352) 394- 5050)
Contact: Alan Green

Custom pool & spa construction. Most Orlando builders will build in Clermont, but they have to figure a sixty mile daily round trip. Alan's already there and he builds a fine pool, one pool at a time. Local call for warranty and advice, as well.

Erickson Custom Pools & Spas, Inc.
Orlando (578- 7665)
Contact: Dave Allen

I've watched Nils develop into one of Orlando's premier pool builders. Experienced with strong concern for customer satisfaction. High-end and expensive, but you'll have a one-of-a-kind pool. He's franchising his name to other states now, and I hope it works out.

Pool Stores

Blue Lagoon Pool Supply
Lake Mary (333- 0885)
Contact: Kathy Hope

Loyal, long-term servicemen, experienced employees, Kathy runs the tightest ship in town. Mike does craftsman- quality repair of all pool equipment.

Osborne's Pool Service
South Orlando (855- 2588)
Contact: Rusty Osborne

Family owned and focused. I've bid against Bob Osborne on commercial work since the late 70's; Respected, Well-run and Worthy Competition.

Poinciana Pool & Spa Supply
Poinciana (944-9190) 851 Towne Center Dr.
Contact: Kathy
A new store, Kathy brings 13 years of service experience to Poinciana, Kissimee, Haines City and the Disney area. Enthusiastic, makes a good first impression and plans to grow with the area.

All Pool Service & Supply
Orlando (295-4540) 4401 Edgewater Dr.
or (273- 1840)5304 Curry Ford Rd.
Contact: Steve Bludsworth

One of Orlando's original residential pool servicemen, Steve offers weekly service, repairs and renovation. An honest poolman, Steve cleaned up the local NSPI chapter to finally make it an organization worth joining. An enthusiastic employer, have never heard an unkind word from or about Steve Bludsworth.

Signature Pool Service, Hunter's Creek (851- 9086)
Contact: Jennifer Malagian

When I need help with a pool in Kissimmee, the first person I call is Jennifer. Chris manages a well stocked and informative store.

The Pool Pleaser
South Central Orlando & Bayhill Areas (851- 8871)
Contact: Jackie Arnault

Pioneered the concept of concentrated service areas 20 years ago (within 5 miles of the shop) to cut down on expensive drive- time. I told her then I didn't think the idea would work and, of course, it works beautifully. Thoughtful, experienced and generous with advice. Jackie started the service department and now owns both shops. Loyal employees, loyal customers. If you're within either stores service area, you're in luck.

Osceola Aquatics
Kissimmee (846- 6280) 1551 N. Kelley Ave.
Contact: Jenelynn Morgan

Offering weekly residential service, repairs, remodeling and new construction, Jay Markley offers 25 years of experience to Osceola and South Orange counties as well as a fully stocked pool store.

Pool Service Specialists

Elite Pool Service
Lake Mary (407.333.2588)
Contact: Gary Hudson
I talked Gary into the pool business over 25 years ago and I don't think he's forgiven me, yet. Gary is my poolman and, unless he wins the lottery, always will be.

world traveler, nam vet, soft spoken, good guy; we need more men like Gary.

Gilman Pool Services
Orlando (896- 9974)
Contact: Peter Shimmin

Probably the largest, certainly the oldest; many self-employed cleaners got their start at Gilmans'. Joe Gilman focused on service when he started and Peter's remained true to that vision since he took over. Typical employee turn- over, but Sue can overcome any problem with well- directed manpower.

Commercial Pool Service
Orlando (898- 6518)
Contact: Charlie Davidson

Doesn't advertise, doesn't need to. Services only commercial pools, his customers are long- term and fiercely loyal. Eccentric (known as 'BareFoot Charley', in 24 years, I've never seen him wear shoes of any kind, in any weather or situation), who also happens to be a licensed Electrician, a seasoned TransAtlantic Sailor and undoubtedly the most knowledgeable commercial serviceman in Central Florida.

Blue Water Pool & Repair
Orlando to Kissimmee (648- 5500)
Contact: Roger Christensen

Chemical Service; if you're considering a chlorine generator or just want someone to take care of your pool chemistry, Blue Water uses liquid chlorine; infinitely safer for you and your pool than chlorine gas. Roger carries a solid 20 year reputation in service aand repair.

J Mills Pool Service
Winter Springs 407.699.6751
Contact: Jerry Mills

I've known Jerry since he headed up the repair department for Joe Gilman Pool Services. In the Tuskawilla /Oviedo area, you can't find more experience than Jerry offers.

Dave's Pool Service
DeBary (386.216.2882)
Contact: Dave Smith

In Southwest Volusia County, Dave is the one to call. I don't think he charges enough but he honestly seems to enjoy what he does.

Atlasta Clean Pool, Inc
Volusia County 386.736.7070
Contact: Megan Ahrens

Volusia, Seminole County, Always Good to have a Lady in the pool business, always Great when she knows what she's doing.

Specialty Contractors & Suppliers

Tile Supply
(647- 3801) Lee Road, 1 blk east of I-4
Contact: Fred Banker

Most complete new & repair tile and tile tool selection in Central Fl, Fred knows everybody, everything about tile. Haven't stumped Fred in 32 years. Geared to contractor sales; has a showroom but homeowners may feel ignored.

Lauderdale Tile
925 Sunshine Lane (NW corner of Sunshine Lane & Forest City Road -facing RaceTrack Gas) 407-682-3333
Contact: Angie
An excellent selection of the latest pool tile and tile mosiacs in a clean showroom. Pool owners are as welcome as Contractors, which is rare for a wholesale supplier.

When a customer wants to see pool tile, we send them to Angie.

Dale's Gas
All Central Florida
Pool Heater Repair, (678- 1277)
I've used and recommended Dale for over 20 years without a single problem. There are two larger pool heater repair companies but I've seen them work and dealt with a few disgruntled employees and I'll wait for Dale. Honest, thorough and reliable; what else needs to be said ?

Stephenson Filter Company
(671- 4994) 2200 N. Forsyth Rd.
Contact: Bill Stephenson

Bill has repaired filter grids from every state and most nations in the civilized world and was instrumental in many of the Federal and State jobs we've done and much of our international work. Bill offers DE filter repair to contractors and advice and help to all. Nobody knows more about filters and Bill even has a patent for a specialized DE grid. Bill can repair, modify or replace any part of any DE filter ever made.

Pool Service Products
Altamonte Springs (407.682.6900) 223 Altamonte Commerce Blvd..
Contact: Murph

A wholesale pool parts supply but one of the few places that still replace pool motor bearings and handle the hard-to-find parts; honest, reliable. Also home of Lasco, the 'PoolTool' people. They do good work and anyone I've ever referred to Murph in the last 27 years has been satisfied.

On- Line Pool Stores

Cheap Pool Products.Com
Contact: Jodi Eichmann
Easy to navigate site offers best prices I've seen, fast service!

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