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Originally,'Pool School' was written for builders and service companies to present pool problems no other book recognized. Our first batch of responses were from pool professionals willing to proofread the book for procedural, material and spelling errors. The interest shown by pool owners is both surprising and appreciated. The most gratifying letters have come from the pool owners, themselves. Here, we proudly display a few endorsements, starting with our most recent one, and will update them as they happen:

I couldn't go another day without dropping a note to tell you how much a value the Pool School CD was for us.

For 6 months, we were losing about 1" of water per day in our pool. Our water bill was $20.00+ per month higher. Since this is the first pool we have ever owned...we were totally in the dark about what this water loss could mean (but we suspected the worst). We were hoping it would be evaporation, but of course it wasn't.

We found the Web Site with the Pool School CD advertised and decided to try it. ALL of the information was easy to follow. I used the dye technique early in the a.m. I was able to locate two 1/4" size holes under 2 of the hot tub jets. I purchased two-part epoxy and...voila...no more water loss. ( I did this myself, and surprised my husband!!!)

You can't imagine how please we are with this product! We thought we would have to cut up our patio, hire divers, etc. What's even better...I used the Water/Sewer letter and received a $26.00 credit on my water bill.

Thanks very much for such a wonderful product!!!

M.B., Ormond Beach, FL

Thanks, I really needed a break with this pool.

G M Lutz, FL

First, Thanks! The Pool School CD is great for a novice like myself who is just getting familiar with pools.

K. Georgia

Spent a rainy weekend with your book, 'Pool School.' Think I'm going to try installing the new skimmer, myself. To save $500 I got to try. Can't be as easy as you say; but you'll be there if I run into a problem, right?

A.J. Thomasville, GA

Just wanted to say thanks again and let you know after two years of staring a big ugly hole in the ground, it sure felt great seeing the family enjoy the pool this year.

M.S. Wilmington, NC

My pool leak outsmarted two repair companies. You advised me not to pay the last bunch if I didn't see results. I didn't. I got your 'Pool School' and took me a few days.... it was like you said, "a neat little mystery".

B.N.C. Dallas, TX

We got the cleaner line in over the weekend. Finally. The skimmer and cleaner runs, the pool finally works like it's supposed to.

Mrs. E.M. Hialeah, FL

The '(Brief History of Alternate) Sanitizer(s)' chapter was a hoot. The dealer had me convinced I was the only one who had problems.....

....I can laugh cause I got my money back.

J.B. Palm Harbor, FL

I couldn't get any new pool warranty work done until I showed the builder the page in 'Pool School'.... a picture of the same problem he said didn't never, ever happen.... had it repaired in three days.

R.T. Pacific Grove, CA

We sell fine homes for a living. It's always bothered me that the pool (doesn't come with) an instruction booklet. Between your web site and beautifully illustrated book .... serves up.... practical, well presented.... instruction and advice.

G.B., Central FL

The pool seemed difficult until I got your CD. Now I think poolmen try to make it sound confusing.... or I always thought maybe doesn't understand it real well himself.

Don Scottsdale, AZ

......may not have been so insistent on building a pool with the house if I'd known there was so much that could go wrong. You explain it so that at least I think I understand most things.

E G Chicago, IL

Sir, I have been in the pool bisness 8 years and fix leaks, sum times pass on them but you have got sum good ideas most i know and i have fixt more now then i pass up. Can I rite agin when a bad one pops up?

Brad Dallas, TX

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