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Our Pool School Emergency Leak Repair File

Topics in the Pool School Emergency Leak Repair File...

  • Evaporation
  • Calculating Water Loss
  • Where does the water go?
  • The Five Basic Leak Tools
  • The Quickie Repair
  • Pressure Testing vs Static Testing
  • Ground Water
  • Stop Leak Diagram
  • Leak Stops at the Tile Line
  • Leaks in a Skimmer Fixture
  • Tile Line Leaks
  • Gutterless Commercial Pools
  • Level Stops at the Return Ports
  • Leaks in the LIght Conduit
  • Repairing Conduit Leaks
  • Leaks in the Light Niche
  • Hayward Niches
  • Silicone in the Light Conduit
  • Leaks in the Main Drain Sump
  • Two Odd-Ball Leaks
  • Leaks at the Equipment
  • Leaking Seal Plate
  • Leaking Shaft Seal
  • Finding Leaks Underground
  • The Straw Test
  • The Stand-up
  • Gutter Line Leaks
  • Plumbed Waste Lines
  • Plotting Underground Pipe Direction
  • Drill & Dowel
  • Presssure Testing
  • Building a Pressure Tester
  • Problems Pressure Testing a Spa Turbo Line
  • Repairing Leaks in a Pop-Up Cleaner System
  • Getting to Broken Lines
  • Seeds of Doubt
  • Opening the Deck
  • Pipe Support
  • Backfilling
  • Black Bottom Skimmers
  • The Double Swing Joint
  • Fiberglass & Vinyl Surface Leak Repair
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